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2. SPECIFICATIONS Technical information UHF Windshield Tag Operating frequency 865 - 870 MHz 902 - 928 MHz Standard EPC Gen 2 Protection IP54 [approx. NEMA 2] Colour White with printing Material Polyester Operating temperature -20 ... +70°C [-4 ... +158°F] Detection range 5 meters [16 ft] with uPASS Reach Humidity 10% ... 93% relative humidity, non condensing Customisation Customised tag printing on request. Optional Barcode 39 printed on the tag on request Identification R/O Read only number Tag Formats Wiegand Magstripe Nedap XS format (compatible to Nedap’s tag format) (see for more information the How to order Guide) Mounting Onto the windshield, the tag is featured with a standard pressure-sensitive adhesive back Part numbers 9945954 UHF Windshield Tag Wiegand 26 9947418 UHF Windshield Tag Wiegand 26 (US) 9945946 UHF Windshield Tag 9942335 UHF Windshield Tag Tamper Resistant Wiegand 26 9947426 UHF Windshield Tag Tamper Resistant Wiegand 26 (US) 9946918 UHF Windshield Tag Tamper Resistant Dimensions 101,5 x 25,4mm 106,5 x 28,5 mm 90 x 27mm 106,5 x 28,5 mm 106,5 x 28,5 mm 90 x 27 mm Documentation UHF Windshield Tag_InstallGuide_English Readers 9942319 uPASS Reach (region 1) 9945466 uPASS Reach (region 2&3) Document version nr. v4.2 www.nedap identification.com

1. www.nedap identification.com The UHF Windshield Tag is a passive UHF transponder offering long-range identification up to 5 meters [16 ft.]*. The UHF Windshield Tag offers cost effective long-range vehicle identification for parking applications. The UHF windshield tag is an effective solution for upgrade of existing proximity installations for parking. It offer long- range within reach, it was never so affordable. The UHF windshield tag is based on passive UHF technology. The tag does not contain a battery and is maintenance free. The UHF Windshield tag is featured with an excellent adhesive to allow quick and easy installation inside the vehicle to the windshield. The thin, flexible, UHF sticker format is easy to install and offers a tamper resistant automatic vehicle identification solution by way of permanently affixing it to the windshield. The tag is protected against harmful UV rays. Tamper Resistant For added security, tamper resistant windshield tags are also available. These tags will show visual proof of removal and are difficult to remove intact and functional. * when used according guidelines and under normal circumstances Security The UHF windshield tags are available in various formats ensuring compatibility to any installation. Wiegand and magstripe formatted tags are available to complement any access application. Nedap XS formatted tags are available to ensure easy integration for existing TRANSIT Standard of Entry users. Nedap formatted UHF windshield tag are featured with special security protection to provide data integrity and to prevent copying. Customisation The tag lay-out can be customized allowing you to promote your company with a tag that shows off your company name or logo. Optional the tag ID number can be printed on the UHF windshield tag in barcode 39 format. The barcode can be read by means of a barcode scanner to offer easy enrolment of tags into a management system and efficient enforcement of vehicles. Applications Typical applications include vehicle access to car parks, gated communities/ condominiums, offices etc. KEY FEATURES: • Identification up to 5 meters [16 ft] • Passive battery free tags • Thin, flexible sticker format • Protection against harmful UV rays • Optional tamper resistant • Customised printing • Security protected • EPC Gen 2 compatible long-range vehicle identification tag UHF WINDSHIELD TAG


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