Motorized card reader PRX-MIFARE

Motorized card reader PRX-MIFARE

1400.00 € 1400.00 € 1400.0 EUR

1400.00 €

Motorized card reader for MIFARE 13,56 Mhz cards


2 Years warranty


To perform the visitors recovery solution in places where the recovery of the card cannot be done by gravity (for example in vertical parking post), the motorized reader is an excellent solution.


Proximity card reader for MIFARE cards ISO14443A at 13,56Mhz.

    -The reader can READ and WRITE in the secure sectors of a Mifare Classic card.

    -The reading range is between 0 to 5cm and the writing from 0 to 3 cm.

    -The reader will be able to READ the CSN (Chip Serial Number) of a DESFire card.

    -The reader includes a buzzer, green and red led to indicate the access.

    -The reader uses Wiegand protocols for the connection to the controller.

    -The reader reads the cards by taking the cards inside through the motorize frontal.

    -The reader returns automatically the card or it will take it permanent inside in case it is a visitor card.

    -Power supply 24Vdc, consumption 250 mA

    -Dimensions 62x86x108mm.

    -Available in black color.



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